T's & C's

These terms and conditions apply to all hairstyling services provided by NFMHAIR, Niamh Mannion. ABN: 62 588 110 821.

Upon making a booking with NFMHAIR, you agree to the following terms & conditions.


All bookings require a deposit. A $15 deposit is to be made upon booking your appointment and this deposit secures your time and date. Please note, these deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

This $15 deposit is deductible from your final total. Your final payment is due at the appointment where you can pay with either cash or card.


Please email: nfmhair@gmail.com if you need to cancel your appointment and nfmhair can ensure that the appointment is cancelled on the website and is available to others.

Remember, the $15 deposit is non-refundable. You will also not be able to transfer this deposit to another booking. All deposits are final and necessary for each booking.


Please inform NFM HAIR prior to your appointment if you have any allergies, scalp problems or asthma prior to your appointment. This is to ensure prevention of reactions to product etc. It is your responsibility to message NFMHAIR regarding this.

If you have had head lice within 1 week of your appointment inform NFMHAIR and your booking will be cancelled.

As it is the clients responsibility to notify NFMHAIR about any sensitivities,  or allergies, NFMHAIR will not be responsible for any reactions in the unlikely event that they occur.